Practice Areas

We provide the necessary answer to any legal problem. Our core competence is to study, process and resolve the legal conflicts of each client. From the quality and specialization of our team of lawyers and economists in all aspects of business law, to the provision of tax advice through the performance of audits, business valuations or company restructuring.
The large number of practice areas that describe our work, aimed all the while, to the wide range of business sectors in which we practise, gives a glimpse into the versatility and flexibility that drives our day to day at Valgañón Abogados. They capture the capacity of our firm to reflect society in all its amplitude, in order to provide diverse solutions to various problems.

Commercial Law

Within the area of commercial law, we represent and advise both SMEs and national and international companies, and business groups, in all legal issues related to their economic activity, or derived from it.

A field in which we offer the highest rates of assurance, of guarantees, and quality, thanks to our extensive knowledge of the jurisdiction and of international markets, as well as, of the different economic and business sectors in which our team of professionals are experts. We accompany our clients throughout the entire process, from the constitution of the company, to the winding-up of the legal entity; through each and every change that may occur in the company’s lifetime (capital increases, mergers, corporate restructuring, statutory reforms, bankruptcy law) as well as with those decisions which are crucial for its immediate future (formalization of contractual agreements, claims for damages).
The firm also has extensive experience in corporate law, having a presence on the boards of directors of national and international commercial companies.
Another aspect of this area of law, relates to competition law and providing each client the necessary mechanisms to shield their commercial defence.

Civil Law

Preserving the patrimonial and moral interests of our clients shapes the challenges set by the team of Valgañón Abogados professionals within the framework of civil law.

Our experience, and the ability to empathize, with those (physical and legal persons) who turn to our firm for answers and solutions, allows us to provide them with accurate legal representation and informative support on a wide range of issues.
These include issues related to your private rights and obligations, your assets (inheritance, leases, repossessions of assets or economic garnishing in cases of traffic accidents or medical negligence), or those that occur within the family (marital separations, divorces, inheritance, maternity and paternity leave, adoption processes).
As for family businesses, and within the scope of civil law, Valgañón Abogados is an expert in the preparation and implementation of interfamilial contracts, thanks to the negotiation skills of its lawyers.

Bankruptcy Law and Business Restructuring

Plan and negotiate. These are the two basic pillars that guide the actions of the firm in this branch of law, which operates throughout the entirety of insolvency proceedings, from its design, to its petition, juridical procedure and execution.

As expert lawyers in Bankruptcy Law, Valgañón Abogados has executed numerous bankruptcy administration procedures, having successfully resolved the most important creditors’ disputes in the north of Spain in recent years.
On the other hand, and at the other end of the scale, the firm has, on numerous occasions, practised in the defence of creditors in bankruptcy, the representation of bankrupt businesses, and the orderly liquidation of companies.
The work here of our team of professionals also includes the support and guidance to companies immersed in crisis processes; this includes the corresponding fiscal planning, as well as mediation and negotiation with the parties involved, from financial institutions to creditors.

Litigation and arbitration

Valgañón Abogados has intervened in judicial proceedings before all jurisdictions and at all levels. In these interventions, the firm can presume, without a doubt, to have a very high success rate, not only because of the high number of favourable judgements which it has obtained, but also due to the numerous prejudicial agreements reached; as we are an office that always takes full advantage of pre-judicial negotiations.

On the other hand, aware that the resolution of each conflict must be adapted to each client’s needs and circumstances, Valgañón Abogados, along with legal representation, in civil, labour, mercantile, criminal and administrative disputes, offers the alternative to search for solutions and agreements via arbitration.
Arbitration favours the achievement of legal and economic solutions. It provides the parties in conflict with more nuanced responses than the judicial system can spew, and it results in a competitive advantage for companies: arbitration is a transparent, agile and flexible process. With all this, and within the field of business arbitration, our team of professionals intervenes in the arbitration processes of the Chamber of Commerce of Spain.

Labour Law

We assist and intervene in all situations of conflict arising from labour practices that may affect the normal development of the company and the rights of its workers.

Our scope of action is widely specialized and reaches all types of entities (from SMEs to large international companies) whatever their activity and location.
Among the specific actions included under the Labour Law umbrella are advise and processing of Employment Regulation Records (ERE), legal representation in labour court proceedings and negotiations of collective agreements.
In terms of the relationship between company and workforce, we include intervention in work accidents, support in dismissal processes and sanctions, as well as the so-called contracting of senior management (those clauses of millionaire dismissal and huge retributions that can hide fraud).

Administrative Law

We offer our clients (both corporate and private investors) all guarantees in public procurement processes, expropriations and valuations, in the processing of subsidies and grants, and in urban- type interventions.

We provide legal advice in all types of operations (real estate or not) to contractors in the public or private sector, or those that opt for a tender. In this sense, we cover all the phases of each contract, from the meticulous analysis of the documentation and the requirements of the specifications, to the presentation of offers, implementation of upgrades, and formalization and execution of the contract once awarded.
We supervise expropriation agreements and their valuation, and we offer, from our specialization in the business sector and our knowledge of international markets, legal assistance in urban and real estate interventions: purchase/sale of assets, international transactions and leases. We also cover the processing of subsidies and grants.

Economic Criminal Law

In criminal matters, we advise a wide range of companies, both national and international; this branch of law aims to react and avoid the economic crimes that lurk, more and more, in today’s globalized world.

Crimes that range from corporate, to fiscal or patrimonial, frauds, crimes against consumers, illegal financing of parties, bribery, embezzlement or administrative malfeasance.
Also, the firm advises on the implementation of the requirements that marks the so-called Corporate Compliance (or Criminal Protocol for companies), which brings together those procedures and good practices implemented by a business or company to identify legal risks and prevent, control or manage them. In this sense, in the face of recent regulatory change, Valgañón Abogados has specialized in the implementation of these Corporate Compliance programs for national and multinational companies.
Our team also has criminal lawyers who are experts in corporate crimes; those that occur within the companies themselves as a result of mismanagement of corporate assets, abusive agreements or document forgery.

Corporate Operations

We add the experience and qualifications necessary to accompany, advise and intervene in mergers and acquisitions, in commercial and financial transactions -national and international- and in commercial contracting, as well as in corporate financing and in the design of financing strategies for firms of any sector.

Thus, we operate in company sales processes. We provide support in the search for financial investors; we advise the management team in the unlocking of operations, and in the design of business plans that result in greater profitability and stability. In short, we intervene in those pivotal decisions that can mark a turning point in the future development of each business project.
Valgañón Abogados has intervened in the purchase and sale of companies and essential assets, in both national and international territory.

Intellectual and industrial property

We defend the identity of a company. That which makes a company unique and allows it to gain a foothold in the market.

That is why we intervene in the shielding of patents, trademarks and commercial names, and industrial designs. We also ensure compliance with copyrights, and data protection rights.
We represent our clients in litigation related to intellectual and industrial property, and whose focus is on the attack of brands, patents or utility models, among other creations.
We advise those who turn to our team of specialists, in those aspects that make up the core identity of a company, and those that are susceptible to threats such as plagiarism, and thus warranting of protection.


Our operational capacity must be on par with the diversity posed by the global world of the current company, and the complexity derived from this breadth of fields of work.

Therefore, based on our deep knowledge of the business sector and the national and international markets in which the firms we advise and represent move, we do not stick to a single business model.
We cover a broad spectrum of sectors:

· Real Estate
· Steel industry
· Wood industry
· Automotive sector
· Mining
· Environment
· New technologie
· Food industry
· Renewable energy

In each and every one of these sectors we apply the same scheme of intervention and services, always taking into account the uniqueness and interests of each field and each business model.
Thus, our raison d’être is to meet the corporate, contractual, tax, labour, competition, litigation or bankruptcy needs of the different companies that shape our client network, understanding in advance what their needs are and evaluating the most precise and tailored solutions to their reality.

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