Valgañón Abogados

We unite our professional qualifications, career paths and the passion we feel for the world of law and business to make a goal a reality: to offer guaranteed legal representation to the clients who turn to our firm, equally to physical and juridical persons.

A feasible challenge thanks to our multidisciplinary team and to highly specialized collaborators that we have in this collective project. Extensive knowledge of jurisdiction, of international markets, as well as of different economic and business sectors throughout the world, contributes to the fact that our firm continues to weave networks in different countries. All this without giving up one of our hallmarks: close, familiar and direct dealings with the client. A way of working that does not dilute the miles travelled to meet the demands of those who trust us.

We have two different lines of action. One confined to comprehensive legal advice in its different branches (commercial, civil, labour law, administrative law, criminal law), and another dedicated to the fiscal area.

However, among the wide range of services we offer, specialization in business law stands out. Towards this we focus many of our interventions, and on this we base a large part of a solid portfolio of clients that we have forged since our inception, and that supports our high success rate. In this sense, from our base in Spain, but with a view beyond its borders, we provide advice to companies -from SMEs to large companies-, including tax treatment, and we accompany them in the management of their transactions and processes of expansion, merger, absorption or any other thing that occurs during the trajectory of each business project. We are also specialists in the procedural aspect of all branches of law, whether civil, commercial, labour, administrative or criminal.

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